4. Georgia

“Jill’s drunk.”
         “Well keep her away from Neil, you know how she loves trying to pick up what I chuck out.” Lucy laughed.
         “Speaking of which, actually, Luce,” began Georgia.
         “Oh for goodness’ sake! Who let Sue near James again?” Lucy cried, exasperated. She grabbed Joe as he walked past, “Save James from Sue for me, babe.” Joe looked to where she was pointing and laughed.
         “Whatever you do, don’t let Jill see that, she’d be devastated!”
         “Well obviously,” agreed Georgia, “because she’s still in love with James. And Steve. And pretty much every other guy she’s ever met.” The three of them laughed and Joe moved off to try and get a very drunk Sue away from a frightened James. The girls sat and watched, stifling laughter as Sue’s face turned from lustful to confused to angry and she attempted to lash out at Joe while James escaped to the toilets. Lucy chuckled.
         “Oh gosh, that girl needs to learn when to stop drinking.”
         “Remember when we were younger and she couldn’t stand the thought of drinking or being around boys? Even at 16 she was such a killjoy and now look at her! Always the first one to get drunk and throw herself at someone totally inappropriate.” Georgia laughed at the memory of what seemed like a lifetime ago.
         “Everyone’s changed so much since we were that age,” agreed Lucy.
         “Well, not everyone,” said Georgia, nodding her head at Jill who, drink in hand, was attempting to corner Steve, “Should we save him?” Lucy thought about it for a moment.
         “Nah, he’s a big boy and he’s had plenty of practise hiding from Jill. He can go join James in the loos!” the two girls began to laugh hysterically. Georgia’s mind was racing, trying to come up with a way to broach the subject of Neil with Lucy again. Sue’s attack of James had interrupted the perfect moment. She decided to plunge straight in this time, no distractions.
         “Lucy, I need to talk to you. Seriously.” Lucy stopped laughing and adopted an expression which was a mixture of confusion and concern.
         “What’s up, babe?” she asked.
         “It’s about Neil.”
         Georgia hesitated, trying to piece together what she wanted to say in her mind. She hadn’t thought this far ahead.
         “Well, for a while now…” she began before faltering. “I mean, for about 3 months … I mean, basically, the thing is that-“
         “Gee,” Lucy cut her off.
         “I’m so happy for you!” Lucy cried, flinging her arms around Georgia and squealing with delight. Georgia pulled back, confused.
         “You knew?”
         “I’ve known for, like, 4 months.”
         “But we’ve only been together for 3,” said Georgia, confused.
         “Please,” Lucy scoffed, “The two of you aren’t exactly subtle and I know you both better than anyone. I knew you fancied each other before you did!” Georgia breathed a sigh of relief, “I was so terrified of telling you,” she explained, “Neil didn’t even want to, he thought it would be like sixth form all over again with everyone getting angry at each other over swapping boyfriends.” Lucy smiled and hugged Georgia again.
         “No way will that ever happen again,” she said, “Dark times. We’re all older and wiser now so it’s fine. Seriously, you’re such a better match with Neil than anyone else, especially me!”
         “But you two were such a great couple. Like, couple of the year,” said Georgia, to which Lucy scoffed again and waved her hand dismissively, “Honestly, I’m scared I won’t be as good a girlfriend as you,” confided Georgia.
         “Gee whizz, Gee,” said Lucy, “It’s not like you’ve got a lot to live up to. Neil’s and my fights are legendary, we were always bickering.”
         “We’ve never fought.”
         “Exactly,” said Lucy, “Ooh! I can give you so much dirt on him!” The two girls laughed. Georgia felt like a great weight had finally been lifted.

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