1. Lucy

“So how's...” Steve trailed off. Lucy had cocked an eyebrow at him. She knew this made her look even more unusual but it was the best way she had to make her unspoken points. Steve got the message every time, because he was observant like that and they'd both lived through 4 years of being told by countless friends (even while in separate relationships) that they would 'make the perfect couple' time and again since they’d first become friends.
         “...the essay coming?” Steve finished, changing his question to avoid forcing Lucy into a confrontation. Lucy lowered her eyebrow and frowned before laughing.
         “The same as anything I write on Thatcher. Slowly. Thatcher is, well... Yeah. She’s just Thatcher, isn’t she?”
         “Eloquent as always, kiddo.”
         “Shut up. My brain stopped functioning on about the 3rd page of my essay. Thatcher is her own adjective. Suck it.” Steve laughed. The two were able to predict each other’s every reaction, admittedly something Lucy could do to most of her friends. Steve, on the other hand, was not so good at it.
         “So if you're not fully functioning mentally, surely you wouldn't mind me asking about-”
         “I mind. You know I mind. She doesn't even know I'm seeing you today, I told her I was going out, though, and so she's probably made the connection. Usually I specify since she knows where everything is here. It isn't like it’s a massive town like London. She doesn’t know where anything is in London. You know what she's-”
         “The point is that I am not talking to you about her.”
         “Why not?” Steve hoped he didn't already know the answer.
         “She specifically told me not to. You know Jill and co have been telling me not to even speak to you anymore.” Steve looked at Lucy sarcastically. “Jill hasn't wanted you to speak to me since I dumped her. And that was years ago.” He pointed out. Lucy sighed, “You really need to stop going out with my mates. It’s hazardous to my mental health.”
         “It’s only been three of them!” Again, Lucy raised her eyebrow. Steve wasn’t sure why, but he felt the urge to burst out laughing every time she did that, as did everyone else. It wasn't that they couldn’t take her seriously; they knew what the eyebrow meant at all times and almost always did what it told them to. But the way that such a serious, subtle expression looked so out of place on her face was enough to make anyone laugh.

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