1. Georgia

In Leicester, Georgia was on the phone as well. This, though, was a far more unusual phone call. Tricia was getting concerned because she couldn’t hear any noise coming from Georgia’s room and she had said the call was from Cambridge. Usually that meant Georgia would be on the phone to the famous Lucy or possibly even Steve. If it was one of those two, Georgia’s half of the conversation would be audible throughout the house, full of laughter and squeals and other noises that made Georgia sound like she was still 10 years old. Tricia decided to check on her housemate. Not because she was nosey, she was merely concerned. She knocked on the door.
         “Georgie? You alright?”
         There was a silence. Then, the door unlocked and Georgia poked her head out. She looked relieved when she saw Tricia’s face. “Yeah everything’s fine, Trish. I’ll be out in a minute and we can go round to Joel’s, ok?”
         “Ok, I’ll go and find my shoes. I’ve been looking for them all day, they aren’t in here, are they?” Tricia tried to peer round the door for any sort fo clue about who Georgia was talking to.
         “Nope, haven’t seen them. Try Mary’s room, she always borrows your shoes.” The door closed and Tricia bent down to listen. She could hear Georgia whispering, “I have to go now, Tricia got suspicious … You hang up first … Ok both together, ready? Go … Well you didn’t either!” Tricia sneezed and there was a silence from the bedroom. She could hear Georgia getting up, so Tricia got out of there as quietly and quickly as she could. Now there’s an illicit romance if I’ve ever heard one, she thought.

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